Memories are made of this...

I don't often write personal posts however one of our photo shoot sessions this weekend was of yours truly and the furry love of my life.

My clients and visitors to the Studio have often been introduced to Oscar who has been my shadow and constant companion for many many years.

He comes with me on photo shoots, routinely getting more attention that the models, and loves the fuss and attention he gets at the studio before curling up on his bed (Cath Kidston of course!) and snoring his head off! When we're in the office and editing suite he has yet another bed (they are everywhere - he's such a pampered pooch) by my feet that he curls up on and yes you've guessed it - snores the day away whilst I'm editing beautiful photographs for our clients.

What many of you don't know is that although Oscar looks like a puppy on some days, he is actually nearly 14 years old and I know that given his age, our time together will come to a close probably sooner rather than later. 

Photographs are my life and I'm usually behind the camera creating memories for others, however on Saturday NKP team member Kim took some beautiful photographs of me with my fur baby. These treasured photographs will help me to create such precious memories when the inevitable happens.

I'll remember the smell of his furry head, the texture of his fur, and the weight and warmth of his little body snuggled up in my arms. 

So take the shot, breathe in the air, and remember how things feel, so that when you look back at your photographs you'll have such a vivid memory of that moment that all you can do is smile. 

Nikki xx